Teknologi koil jaring tercanggih

HCD is one of top coil makers in Shenzhen, which is known for its advanced technology in mesh coil, and superior quality ,Ecigator is now using HCD mesh coil in most of disposable vape products.

Shenzhen HCD with the world’s leading atomization technology, is the leader of “micro-molecular atomization technology” in the whole scene of “Inhaling, Eating, Drinking and Wiping”, specializing in innovative R&D of atomization core and atomization module, precision production for more than ten years.

“Be a global R&D and manufacturing base of atomization core and the world’s leading provider of atomization technology solutions” as enterprise vision, and “Atomize healthily and live happily” as our mission, HCD has created a “1+N” atomization technology model with profound research and development background, in which “1” is micro-molecular atomization technology as the basis, and “N” represents AX inlaid mesh ceramic core, AXdual double-mesh progressive heating ceramic core, COTTONX future cotton core and other atomization products.The “1+N” technical model can fully meet the individual requirements of various atomization scenes.

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